Fukuvi USA can give you a beautiful, authentic woodgrain look by a variety of methods

Fukuvi USA can give you a beautiful, authentic woodgrain look by a variety of methods.

Woodgrain Patterns

Fukuvi USA can use a variety of innovative methods to create a woodgrain finish for your extrusion. Enhance your product's visual impact with one of our woodgrain applications.


Lamination, Co-extrusion, Embossing

Fukuvi USA's in-line lamination is one way you can give your extruded profile an attractive woodgrain finish. This method is ideal for:

If you have a pattern in mind, we may be able to use your provided lamination film, or we can help you find a film that matches your needs.

For more information about Fukuvi USA's in-line lamination capabilities, click here.

Lamination, Co-extrusion, Embossing


Fukuvi USA' s advanced co-extrusion techniques can help you achieve woodgrain patterns as well. Our advanced technologies allow the use of multiple materials to give you an authentic woodgrain appearance.

Co-extrusion can add greater UV protection for exterior profiles that will be exposed to sunlight. This method can also be used in parts that require welding, for a cleaner finish at the weld than a laminated part.

For more information about Fukuvi USA's co-extrusion capabilities, click here.



For a more textured woodgrain surface, Fukuvi USA can emboss your product. We can quote a plastic extrusion and an embossing roll to press a woodgrain relief into the part itself. This method is ideal for exterior trim pieces, etc.

Fukuvi USA's technology and expertise can give your product the premium woodgrain finish you're looking for. Need a different kind of finish? Give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in creating a special look for your parts.