Let Fukuvi USA's team help you get the most from your extruded profiles

Let Fukuvi USA's team help you get the most from your extruded profiles.

Engineering & Manufacturing Support

Do you need an extruded part, but have never designed a plastic extrusion before? Let Fukuvi USA help you. You can draw on our company's years of extrusion experience to make sure your part will perform the way you need it to, as efficiently and economically as possible.

Design Support

Fukuvi USA has helped many customers whom have little to no experience in designing plastic extrusions.

Save Money - Our engineers draw from the years of experience and extrusion expertise cultivated by our parent company, Fukuvi Chemical in Japan. We can review your drawing, and if we see something that would make the extrusion process more efficient, we will recommend it to you.

Improve Performance - Let us know what your requirements are. We can offer design suggestions to help you achieve those goals.

Customer Relationships

Fukuvi USA believes in maintaining customer relationships for the long run. We know we can only be as successful as our customers. Our manufacturing and design assistance reflect this philosophy.

We consider the customer/vendor relationship a valuable partnership. We will work closely with your design team to help give your products a competitive advantage, whatever the industry.